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Shortee Kay's Life

The Kool Kinda MaMa!

28 December 1985
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I'm 20 years old, starting out with a NEW LIFE and a NEW journal to fit, haha. I'm a mother of one, a boy - Zachariah, who is one year old! He is my life and my joy. I love him so much and I am SO proud of my little man!
I'm very friendly and I'm a shortee (or so they say ;)). I'm very into taking care and spending time with my son who is my entire pride, joy, life and world. However, I do still have some fun. I like to dance and chill with friends. I do not do drugs, nor do I want to be around anyone who does so, that's out of the question. I have fun the good ol' fashioned way. But hey, you wanna add me, go for it! But ask first, got it? Haha, Mucho amor!!

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